Influx believes that these events will trigger a rigorous auditing process of our food supply, lead by pressure groups and scientists to weed out harmful ingredients.

In the office we share we get over 20 different cereals delivered each week for a little breakfast (or even mid-afternoon) snack. The problem we're always faced when we yank open the doors to the parade of boxes is, which one of these is actually good for us?

We have a theory that the cereals that claim the most healthiest features are probably the worst for us. What we consider the most suspect cereals tend to have the most ingredients – lots of odd chemicals and substitute products to reduce sugar and fat. In the end, we go for the old school like Corn Flakes – who's ingredients seem rather basic in comparison. Anyway, we talk about our fear of ingredients because it has been prompted by a thoughtful reaction by the guys over at Influx to a report on sustainability. They say:

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