We were in the Earnest Sewn store and by the front where they sell odds and ends, we found these Conspicuously Vintaged Moleskine books for sale. It might be hard from looking at the pic above, but ES have apparently removed the branded band around them, kicked these books about (and through a few puddles of coffee) to give them a well-worn, as used-by-traveling-authors feel, then returned the branded band and placed them on the shelf for sale. Interesting.

Recently, Andrew from Baxter & Liebchen, the vintage Danish furniture showroom in Brooklyn’s Dumbo, walked us around his large store to show off a museum-like collection of mid-century pieces of Scando craftsmanship. In the center of the room was an Arne Jacobson 1958 Egg Chair. A beautiful piece in black leather but Andrew explained that the brown leather version was in higher demand because it showed all the stains. To some people, the stains may make the furniture look dirty, but to collectors the stains told a story about the furniture. You could call it Conspicuous Vintage, we suppose. Andrew’s explanation reminded us a little about how hard-core denim addicts admire wear patterns on vintage jeans.

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