Puma's new line, dubbed Starck NAKED Body wear, is launching for the Spring/Summer 07 season. The designs get as close to the skin as possible, revealing just enough to keep you cool, sexy, and stylish; but not enough to cross into skankland (when worn properly, of course).

Pumatalk Reports:

World-renowned designer Philippe Starck has successfully continued and evolved his design collaboration with Puma and has developed a highly technical yet minimalist aesthetic for the Puma Starck NAKED collection. The collection is both functional and sexy, consisting of 15 styles of body wear for men and women and available in simple colours of pure off white and reduced charcoal. The skin-tight silhouettes of light seamless lycra fabric reveal transparent insets that show skin in an understated fashion. The sleek lines and architectural influences are unmistakably Starck and the comfort and fit is truly Puma.

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