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Jamaica is popping off culturally. You've got Dancehall, street life, reggae, ganja, Red Stripe, beaches, women, tank tops, amazing food, and a plethora of other...

Guy Brighton
  • 4 june 2007

Jamaica is popping off culturally.  You’ve got Dancehall, street life, reggae, ganja, Red Stripe, beaches, women, tank tops, amazing food, and a plethora of other inspiring phenomenon going on in Kingston; best believe the style is thorough.

Music publications have been showing love to K town recently; Fader covered Style Week while Vice rocked out while exploring Dancehall culture.

Fader Reports:

Roadblocking a good chunk of downtown Kingston this past weekend, Saint
International’s Style Week was spine-tingly epic. Why bother with
snoozy plastic tents when you can have a massive pyro-tastic runway
smack-bang in the middle of a Caribbean street!?! With bonus orchestral
choir and marching band! Fireworks and drummers aside, the designers
that rep’d for the Islands showed us how color and theatrics are really
done—designer Melissa Dunkley sent models down the runway in gorgeous
second-skin neon suits that looked even better after a torrential
cloudburst, and Andrew Ramroop, a British designer by way of Trinidad
(The Streets name checks his Saville Row store on his latest album)
brought some rainbow-hued, awesomely tailored swagger to the show.
Other unexpected goodness: local-turned-international strutter Sosheba,
back from her model travels for an appearance on home soil.

On VBS, the crew was shown around the surprisingly inviting Kingston party scene and got savvy to the ways of Jamaican lifestyle.  Like the Fader boys, the Vices found that the most action happens out on the streets.  The best parties aren’t in the clubs, they’re taking place amidst the cars, carts, people, and general hustle, bustle, and traffic on the bi-ways. 

Being stuck inside during hot New York nights, we can only dream of such fluid transitions from street to dance.  Everyone in Kingston knows where the party’s at; there’s no BSing or keeping it on the down low.  It’s very fitting of the country’s motto, "Out of many, one people."  As one Dancehall artist advised the young Vice UK journalist venturing into a rough club, "You gotta chill, like a freezer." 

However, as the guys noticed, it’s pretty hard to do; Dancehall vibes "are more like punk rock, punch in the face," than hip-hop… "it’s the music that make you dance and sweat."  Check out episode 1 here.

[via Dorkmag]

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