"You see, the difference between the old-fashioned semantic Web and the new hyperlocal Web — that's hyper as in linked, and local as in location — is that the databases of the new Web are stuffed with geographic coordinates. Real positions. Real distances. So the bodyware I carry in my pockets and travel bag broadcasts its location to any device within earshot."

Wired’s Bruce Sterling has been sent to DC to testify before Congress about passport issues and his meeting started a few thoughts on the importance of local:

I gently opined to the glum congressional committee that sealing borders in a world of location-aware technology is a futile effort doomed to an ignominious defeat. Yes sir, just like digital rights management!

Too bad none of the assembled officials could remember digital rights management. But that makes sense. Another 10 years and nobody will remember passports, either. I leaned into the microphone to deliver the money line. “Hyperlocality is transforming our lives at every scale: bodyware, roomware, streetware, cityware, nationware, and global ware. From nano to astro!”

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