Ever made anything really awesome that you just can't get out into the world? Ever wanted to bypass corporations entirely and get what you what, when you want, all handmade to order or to swap? Well, Coudal.com‘s project Swap Meat allows you just this opportunity. Started as a free forum for creative people to strut their stuff on the virtual display case of the internet, Swap Meat has developed into a dynamic, insular market with a dedicated usership of art directors, designers and other creative types on the look-out for innovative behind-the-scenes activity. The site itself operates mainly by people swapping items between themselves, but has recently started to generate some revenue through the commissioning of items they deem to have real potential. The New York Times‘ recent article on the website stresses the free-form, low key aspect of the enterprise, which was formed pretty much spontaneously as a real business when it was seen how effective it was even as a mere facilitator between individuals with items to trade. NYT writes:

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