Can Journalists Be Bloggers? Probably Not. Number 482 In A Series


Maybe Mr Gladwell couldn't quite get the hang of life without the editor's net?

Piers Fawkes, PSFK
  • 17 july 2007

There was such a hoohah when the Tipping Point author Malc Gladwell became a blogger. Gawker reports:

It has now been 193 days since Malcolm Gladwell’s last blog post.

Maybe Mr Gladwell couldn’t quite get the hang of live without the editor’s net?? What we’re left thinking about is that old battle journalists have with bloggers on how bloggers aren’t journalists. The thing is, in our experience of trying to work with the esteemed class on PSFK, journalists in bulk can’t get the hang of this blogging stuff. So the question is, what are they all going to be doing in 5 years when the only paper in your hands is the equivalent of the London Lite?

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