Capsule Interview Series: Clae

Capsule Interview Series: Clae
Arts & Culture
Guy Brighton
  • 24 july 2007

How did you get involved with Capsule?

We love bpmw’s support of the more independent minds in the fashion world. We wanted to show in an intimate environment that would highlight our brand and (capsule) delivers.

What’s the inspiration/idea/theme behind this season?

Travel, adventure & discovery. Not really a singular theme but more about actually getting out and doing things. My version of a life of leisure.

What would you be doing if you weren’t designing?

Gardening, cooking or teaching jazz history.

What do you usually turn to for inspiration?

A cup of tea, a pencil and a sketch pad early in the morning. Listening to Miles and Coltrane. Those things put me in the right space to create. As far as inspiration, it comes from the whole collective experience that life brings – reading books, watching films, listening to music, traveling, eating and all of the other great things that we humans enjoy doing. I think it’s probably along the same lines for many people in the creative field, but its how that info is internalized and what exactly you execute that separates you from the pack. We’re all pretty much looking at the past and present for inspiration and walking ahead for innovation.

What other designers/artists (of any kind) do you admire and why?

I like the work of my friend David Ellis, I admire his dedication to his craft and it’s always inspiring to see a man working hard at what he loves.

What film/television has been inspiring you lately?

“Dancehall ’85…Live at Skateland” it’s a documentary made during a really big year for digital dancehall. Those cats had style for days.

How does music influence your design process?

Music accommodates and nurtures the creative process. If I need to be in a certain frame of mind to work or focus, I can always use music to get there.

What kind of music would you say “fits” your brand, if any?

Any music that truly ‘moves’ you.

What are you listening to at the moment?

Kanye West’s newest mixtape.

Where’s the most exciting music coming from right now and why?

I guess lots of it’s coming from a basement or garage near you – from young people experimenting with different forms of music. Rock, punk, rap, reggae, house, freestyle and everything in between…everything is up for grabs. Mash it up!

What was the last show you went to?

Music: Mighty Crown Sound System
Fashion: Bread and Butter Barcelona

If you could go back in time five years and give yourself some advice, what would it be?

Keep on truckin’

**Want more? Check out another interview with Choi via EM Magazine.

Thanks to all the designers that participated in this project, Brand Pimps for organizing a terrific show, and ya’ll, for reading; we hope you’ve enjoyed the series.

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