Fans Manage Bands

Fans Manage Bands
Alex Morrison
  • 31 july 2007

In another bizarre turn of events for the music industry, a new company is offering fans a chance to take band management into their own hands. The folks over at VIP Band Manager have invited 50,000 people to get involved with a new group’s entire musical future, allegedly harnessing the “power of the internet to enable people to become managers”.

NME reports:

Each member will take on the role of manager for the company’s new band and the members then get to vote online to decide on each detail of the band – like who are the members, and what tracks will go on their album.

Band members are being invited to audition for the new ground, with the winning band winning a £1 million deal, and the stewardship of the army of managers.

The band’s three targets are to achieve one million fans, stage a 12-date UK tour and get a Number One record. Progress will be charted via online TV bulletins.

PSFK must admit some skepticism as to the efficacy of this venture. Although it could very well be a huge hit, the process itself seems like it would be rather vulnerable to the potential incompetency of such an interminable bureaucracy. Nevertheless, due to the novelty of such pandering to the public’s whims, it will be very interesting to see where this goes. More to come soon enough.

NME: Fans invited to manage band

VIP Band Manager


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