So you’re sitting in a real-life bar wishing you and your avatar from Second Life could have a drink together – maybe even joined by a couple other avatars. Linden Lab, the company that developed Second Life is working on software that will work with mobile devices, pairing the real and virtual world.

The ideas floating around to enable this seemingly magical feat involve:

…special eyewear, display “badges,” and speakers worn about the neck (that) will allow us to live more fully through our avatars — those idealized versions of ourselves that typically boast better proportions than the saggy originals. Second Lifers wearing the gadgets will be able to attend “in-world” parties and gallery openings, whether they are sucking down beers at Cornwall's or stuck in Fenway traffic. Motion detectors and other sensors in the devices will also show your virtual mates what you are up to in the real world.

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