“Chill” is a chelada-style lager with a hint of lime & salt. Latino culture is already familiar with their own version: a glass of beer rimmed with lime & salt – basically, a beer margarita.

Press releases are dubbing this part of a Latinization trend. Que significa? Latinization is the influence of Latino values and trends on American culture. We're all familiar with burritos, tacos and enchiladas, but what about dulce de leche or having family outings that include the entire family? Latinization: How Latino Culture is Transforming the U.S. by Cristina Benitez discusses these influences further. And with Latino purchasing power approaching $1.2 billion, it's a market force we need to understand. Bloggers – check out Juan Tornoe's blog Hispanic Trending, add it to your bookmarks and get yourself involved.

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