The debate continues around the issues surrounding plastic water bottles, the latest Fast Company article “Message in a Bottle” was quick to point out that the United States consumed over 50 billion water bottles last year alone, that’s 167 water bottles per person. One artist in South Africa has chosen to see the beauty in what we throw away.

Heath Nash has created lamps and light fixtures made out of water bottles and caps. South Africa is a Country known for their ingenuity and resourcefulness in creating beauty out of waste, soda cans become radio’s, gum wrappers into purses and now water bottles into light fixtures. By doing this, Nash brings to our attention the need to have a closer look at what we discard on a daily basis and re-examine what we define as beautiful. All of the recycling and manufacturing of the lamp fixtures is done locally, Nash’s work is slated to be shown at The New World show for the British Council and Trash/Luxe at Liberty in September.

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