If the summer of love is making its perennial return this year, then whatever happened to the happenings? Well, they too are back, updated for the new millenium, less avant-gardey and conceptual perhaps but nevertheless as epistemologically destabilizing as ever – because flash mobs are the new happenings. NextGreatThing has a good article explaining them. Here's the gist of it:

Flash mobs are large groups of volunteers, usually assembled online, that meet at a prescribed time and destination to make idiots out of themselves for a brief period of time, and then disperse. Bill Wasik is recognized as the first flash mob organizer. In May of 2003, he arranged 100 people to go to Macy’s and surround an expensive rug, pretending to be hipsters picking out a love rug (because they make all their decisions as a commune, of course).

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