Virgin America and their new fleet of planes has launched. Their fleet flies from JFK and DC to Vegas, LAX and SFO. We've got our flights already and watch this space as we think we've got a discount deal for the PSFK Conference Los Angeles.

And for you guys who need more details, back in February the Engadget gang went on board the airline, took loads of photos and reported these specs for the planes:

Seatback consoles

* Linux-based with Tiny X * VA developed Red in-flight interface * 9-inch integrated touchscreen * 1024 x 600 resolution (oh, so close to HD! but not quite) * Dual internal flash drives for redundant storage of embedded OS

Niceties that melt our hearts

* One USB port and one ethernet port per seat * USB can be used with a portable keyboard on seatback console (or to charge your device) * Ethernet hooks you into a LAN with the rest of the passengers * Two 110v outlets per 3-seat row (and one per seat in first class) * Dual 802.11b WiFi access points in cabin (fore and aft) * Sprint EV-DO uplink (for ground communications) * Yet-unannounced in-air broadband uplink * LED mood lighting throughout the craft

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