Branding is a process. It's not a formula made up with numbers and impressions. It is a more organic process with a little bit of magic that happens when the right groups of people get together and have ideas. Right now, that right group is Sony, Fallon London, Passion Pictures and Gorgeous Enterprises. What's the idea? Color. Add some Playdoh and you've got Clay: the much anticipated third installment in the impressive Sony Bravia “” campaign.

Few brands have reached the point where consumers eagerly await the next piece of advertising. And only a few brands can say they parallel the zeitgeist of Nike, Coca-Cola, Harley-Davidson or Apple. Sony hopes to step into this realm with a 30 foot bunny, lots of little bunnies and boxes, and a wave; oh, and a little magic tagline that goes “” Think of it in terms like “Just do it” or “Think different.”

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