Over on Welcome to Optimism, London's wieden + kennedy blog, there is a great example of when ‘the voice of the brand' is taken too far. The article documents some of the Malmaison hotel‘s quirkier attempts at communicating with their consumers.

Welcome to Optimism writes:

Now, I like Malmaison. They provide quite nice hotel rooms and facilities at a fair price. I would actively choose to stay there and pay with my own money, even. But on a recent stay in Leeds, after a long day, when I got to my room I became irritated by the voice of the Malmaison brand. It was a persistently annoying voice (I imagined it as sounding a bit like Graham Norton) and it wouldn't shut up. Every inanimate object in my room – from the pillow to the light switch, it seemed like – apparently wanted to engage me in a bit of jokey, vaguely risque banter.

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