For the last decade, the 78 million Americans in this popular demographic group are representing the fastest growing segment of the health-nut crowd.

Some statistics from CNN:

37% of health club members are 55 and older. The average age of personal training clients is now 42.4 years. 9 out of 10 builders across the country are currently working on communities for the active adult.

Fitness takes many forms nowadays, no longer is it just aerobics on TV led by Suzanne Somers or Jane Fonda (both Boomers). Today, the Boomers have their choices: yoga, pilates, nia, tai chi, bike, treadmill, resistance, aqua aerobics, and even Brain Fitness. You might be thinking about the popular Sudoku or other brain teaser right now, but what about the actual game. Huh? Nintendo’s Brain Age is a handheld game that uses word and math puzzles to quiz and entertain. Players memorize words, count and read, and, through a series of timed drills, can determine their “brain age,” or mental agility.

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