Behance suggests 100 tips to improve your life

Behance suggests 100 tips to improve your life
Arts & Culture
Adrian Lai
  • 2 august 2007

We’ve talked a lot how much we love Behance’s line of Action stationary. Beyond the products, they’ve taken the right steps into the realm of “Branded Utility” through their forward thinking website which is frequently updated with features and interviews with some of the top producers in the creative game such as Staple design, Jonathan Moore, and Syntes Studio with the goal of providing “insights and tips on making ideas happen in the creative community.” There’s also a teaser of the forthcoming Behance Creative Network which suggests their plans to create a online community of creative individuals (aren’t we all these days?). More than stationary indeed.

One of their latest offerings on the site is 100 tips to improve your life, compiled from their collaboration called “Life Remix,” with fourteen other established blogs that focus on helping people increase personal productivity. The list “includes tips that are likely to boost overall effectiveness and the impact we are able to make with our ideas.”

Check out the list if you have a minute in your busy life.


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