BMW plans to open a $275-million center called “BMW Welt” (English translation: BMW World) in Munich, Germany, where customers can retrieve their new car purchases in the most luxurious car dealership in the world. As BMW Marketing Director Michael Ganal told Reveries: “Our dealers are like local churches, while BMW Welt is St. Peter’s Cathedral.” BMW Welt, set to open in October of this year, is centered around a futuristic structure with a cyclone-like entrance that ushers visitors into various shops, restaurants, and an immersive experience of the BMW brand and its history. The structure is situated next to the Four-Cylinder Building and the BMW Museum, another one of BMW's architecturally bold buildings. BMW Welt is not the first of its kind; Volkswagen built its Autostadt featuring a delivery center seven years ago, which also holds a museum, pick-up center, and pavilions for each manufacturer in the Volkswagen Group.

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