Please describe your spring/summer collection? This summer's collection , named ‘Somewhere beyond the sea', was inspired by the sea and all related themes, such as ocean animals and flora, mermaids, pirates, voyages of discovery, and new uncharted territories with exotic imaginary cultures and landscapes. There is a strong nautical influence both in colour and styling, with garment details such as sailor pants and eyelet details on dresses and jackets. the colour palette was interpreted in three sections: a nautical section of red, white, blue, black and gray; a soft, vintage section with pastel colours and gold, and a bright, vibrant colour section inspired by exotic tropical flowers, combined with black. Each print represents a different interpretation of this theme, from a damask like graphic made up of sea animals and a Victorian wallpaper inspired print with flowers made up of fish fins to a scarf print inspired by South American carvings and a toile inspired print made up of mermaids, ships and a forest scene. Garments are soft, slouchy and layered the look is layed- back and comfortable but totally unique.

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