Wired magazine has been forecasting the rise of cloud computing wherein our growing need for increasingly larger data storage (as multimedia options and virtual social networks become more sophisticated) will lead to “the petabyte age.” Information will be so dense and ubiquitous that it will drift away from our individual computers and towards massive data servers (the so-called cloud).If the computer is going to a cloud then it follows that desktop printing should follow it up there. Technology giant Hewlett Packard certainly thinks so. The company is taking advantage of the spread of cell phones and the internet to liberate printing from the single home or office. Now, users will be able to upload or “print” a document file through the internet. A code will then be sent to a user’s cell phone. The user can then go to any location with access to an HP printer (a directory on Google Maps will help anyone find the nearest location) and get the hard copies there.

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