Ever wish you could re-live that one amazing concert? An interesting article from Last 100 proposes the idea of selling footage from live concerts, or even sporting events on USB sticks at the door on the way out.

Last 100 writes:

This is an excellent way of making money out of every live recording an artist makes — usually only one live recording is sold on through CDs/DVDs — and I think people would love to have a recording of the gig that they were actually at, rather than buy a recording through a record store of one random concert. The USB keys could be customized with artwork from the current tour, or contain video footage and photos from the show, which in-turn would make them more collectible. Not only does this let artists and promoters monetize their events more effectively, it’s also one in the eye for the commercial bootleggers. If the concert recording is available to buy legally then this weakens the appeal and strength of the bootleggers product, an illegal copy, which is probably going to be of poorer quality than the official product.

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