Not everyone will see Andrew King's art – and that's the way he wants it. King, a painter from whose paintings hang in homes from Barrhaven to Belgium, is tucking three original works into weatherproof boxes and stashing them in different locations throughout the Ottawa Valley. If you find one, it's yours. No charge. But it won't be easy — you'll need an Internet connection, a GPS receiver and a knack for solving puzzles.

Andrew King is wrapping three original paintings in weatherproof packaging and stashing them in different places in the Ottawa Valley. To find them, and keep them for free, you'll need a GPS, the Internet and an ability to solve puzzles.

On Feb. 2, the Cube Gallery is hosting an event entitled Canadiana. King will have seven pieces on display, three of which will contain clues to the GPS co-ordinates of the hidden paintings. “It will be kind of like The Da Vinci Code,” King said in an interview.

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