It's interesting to consider what the last six months has done to the reputation in regular people's minds about the brand China.

Last Friday we endured the usual nightmare that is Dollar Rentacar. After hours on the phone trying to track down the car be booked 7 weeks ago we were told to go the Greenwich Street location in NYC to see if there was a car left in New York. The very sweet lady behind the door did a sweet job at trying to give us the car that was sat on the forecourt but her system (and boss) just wouldn't let her. Lesson: get ourselves registered in ZipCar.

Anyway, so while we were awaiting for her boss to call back reject our request for a car she thinks she hears her colleague suggest offering to get some chinese food. “Oh no,” she replies and lets us all know, “I'm not touching Chinese Food after all those headlines in the news.” By which we assume she really means the headlines about dodgy and poisoned goods coming out of China…

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