Planning For Good

Planning For Good
Colin Nagy
  • 23 august 2007

Ed Cotton from BSSP and Influx Insights recently tipped us off on Planning for Good, an interesting initiative that seeks to enlist planners to help non-profits, charities and other organizations.

He describes the initiative further:

Planning for Good is an organization made up of marketing communication strategists and their friends who’ve come together to lend their skills to support nonprofits…Here you’ll find some of the smartest thinkers in the business, people who intimately understand how to uncover insight, build brands and create powerful stories around them.

The stated mission is to help organizations create compelling stories that will attract others. Planning for good seeks to “bring you big, interesting and challenging ideas that can help move your organization forward.”

One of their first projects is working with the City of New Orleans and the non-profit org, Idea Village, on ways to better enable entrepreneurial ventures in the city.

Interested organizations should contact and work with the group’s committee and advisory board to craft a clear, compelling and challenging brief for the network. A group will convene for 30 days, and then share their findings with the organizational leadership. From there, PFG will also discuss how to best implement these ideas.

Those interested in learning more/participating can join the Planning For Good Facebook Group.


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