How do I explain the insides of our plane named “California Dreaming?”

It was like being eaten by an iPhone and sitting in its belly for an hour. I was there because PSFK had been invited onto Virgin America’s inaugural flight from Los Angeles to San Francisco. The whole wiring of the plane is designed for interaction. but first let me talk about the gorgeous design.

The seats were extraordinarily comfy and cool. Racecar seat company Recaro had a hand in making these so plush, you sit in them and get that warm, fuzzy “I’m the fucking CEO feeling.” The stewards, stewardesses and pilots were just plain hot and so lovely. They looked like they were outfitted by Armani and our pilot told me he relished trading in his stuffy hat and tie for the more causal, personal look Virgin is going for. The lighting in the cabin is designed to sync with the “phase” of day you’re traveling through. So lighting phases change throughout the flight to bring you, for example, gently out of your sleep and transition you to awake. Anyway- thank God for the lack of florescent lights. Even the boring safety instruction manual read like a mini-handbook on fashion. The animated figures looked grungy, cool and hip and I swear I saw a bit of crack as the girl with low jeans was trying to get out of the emergency exit and onto the raft. There’s a place called the “mini-bar” at the rear of the plane currently loaded with water bottles, but will probably showcase products and gadgets.

Now, for the wiring. And by the way, one of their aircrafts is called “My other ride is a spaceship”.

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