The Wall Street Journal has an interesting article about skateboarders newfound preference for blank, un-branded skateboards. When kids first start skating, the allure of name brand boards is strong, but as skaters become more advanced with their tricks, they break more boards. Thus, paying the high prices that “cool” boards command can get pretty lame if you’re snapping a board a month.

The Wall Street Journal reports on the 12 million American teenagers who skateboard:

They are the industry’s prime customers, both devoted to the sport and savvy. And when they started out, most of them invested in premium boards and other branded gear. But as they got more serious about boarding, many decided they just didn’t care whether they used the industry’s top products, including the pro skateboard “decks” with graphics and branding that can cost between $40 and $70 without the wheels and the axles known as “trucks.

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