Taking on the bottled water industry is turning me on. Al Gore for creating the biggest discussion in the world.The Guardian's continued coverage on the issues and commitment not only as media voice and a platform for discussion (George Monbiot is a continued turn on), but by placing sustainability as a strategic pillar driving the business.... It means that I am working on a number of green business ("OZO") venture ideas – assessing opportunities, building and managing teams to help me articulate and solve problems, and currently writing (three) business plans for ventures that I/we/they/he/she and the many stakeholders we get to input into our thinking, believe will challenge the current paradigm within industry sectors and bring to market new ways of doing things that are better for the world and for people and prove highly profitable.How does that mean I work?

Tamara Giltsoff is Managing Director of OZOlab whose mission is to create eco businesses that will rock things in this world. OZOlab have produced OZOcar – their beacon brand. Tamara is an old friend and supporter of PSFK. We wanted to ask her about what's exciting her on the eco-landscape.

1. There's been a big shift in attitude in terms of eco-consciousness. What's important now to people and how do you see eco concerns shifting in the short term?

Eco concerns in the short term are shifting/have shifted to “does this make any bloody difference if I bother at all” attitude, ie, helpless people. The hype has predictably peaked; the reality kicked-in. Somewhere between awareness levels about environmental issues and the reality that is ‘living the American dream' has got to be found to move things forward. It almost pains me to admit this as someone who has a deep understanding about environmental issues (and is screaming this is not enough), but unless I do then neither I or the environmentalists/treehuggers will never get the shift happening. What is important is to make green steps pretty damn easy for people and then take them on a journey from there. It's back to basics, despite the awareness levels.

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