For all you ladies out there, has the prospect of taking a cab late-night ever sounded in any way unappealing? Well, certain cities are taking back the streets and making them a little more amenable to the needs of modern women, offering cab services run exclusively by the fair sex. Trendwatching‘s recent roundup of cool products for women, gays and boomers have a short piece on these new services, and they do indeed sound pretty useful. In London, Pink Ladies is a new private car franchise that one can join and pay for via a special “pink account”, and offers taxis that are, naturally, “pink inside and out”. In Bombay, the company Forsche have taxis that “include conveniences like wet wipes and perfumed talcum powder to freshen up on the way to a work meeting, nail polish remover and nail clippers and women’s magazines”. This is a relatively new phenomenon, so it remains to be seen where it will go, but certainly many cities could still use it to their advantage in the meantime.

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