No wonder the CEO us so chubby. There’s an ad somewhere – where Continental gloats that it’s a proper airline because it serves meals. To be honest, if it’s this crap, we’d rather they didn’t bother.

The photo is of the ‘meal' we were served on the 6 hour Continental flight from New York to San Diego on Sunday. This crap just reminds us how we continually poisoned by our airline companies. We have to endure the airport process to get on a plane to get fed something worse than the crap they sell in the Newark Airport concessions. And that's a pretty difficult low standard to achieve.

When we took a look at it, we think that the chips must have been the healthiest item with just two ingredients: potato and vegetable oil. The brownie (hidden) said it was made with love but contained so many ingredients that it must have been made by amorous chemists, the Bloody Mary mix was made from Corn-Fructose syrup and the microwaved cheese plastic pizza? We couldn’t tell – it had no ingredients on the packaging.

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