VC funding has slowed down in Europe. Anyone wonder whether VC funding is the problem. Why can't the Euros just get on and do something cool without selling their soul at the same time?

Last.FM – that's all you have Europe. You have this amazing group of creative minds and technical masters – and all you can give us is a youmightlikethis music service? The Tornado Insider provides a report on what isn't really happening in Europe:

…We take a closer look at how the 2007 deals have been distributed over the continent. As usual the UK have secured most deals. 30.6% of all technology investments targeted UK companies – on par with the average for all deals since 2000. Germany is experiencing a relatively good year thus far raising 16.7% of all deals (13.6% since 2000) – placing it second in Europe. The country swapped ranks with France, which trails at 11% in 2007 – down considerably on its 7-year average of 14.1%. Israel remains fourth with 8.7% (8.1% since 2000), followed by The Netherlands (6.3% in 2007; 5.4% since 2000), Denmark (4.4% in 2007; 4.1% since 2000), and Sweden (4.1% in 2007; 6.4% since 2000). Ireland is showing poor performance this year as it ranked fourteenth with 1.4% of all deals in Europe – down 6 places and 2.5% on its 7-year average.

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