“Where Are The Joneses?”

“Where Are The Joneses?”
Adrian Lai
  • 29 august 2007

We saw the potential of interactive branded-entertainment with Diesel Heidies, winner of the Grand Prix Cannes Cyber Lion, and recently we’re duly impressed by a campaign for Ford Europe called “Where are the Joneses?.” It’s an online interactive sitcom where users can send in script ideas to be shot and broadcast on YouTube the next day. The use of open media is ingenious. Users participate in creating the transmedia story across multiple distribution platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Wikidot and

Mighty impressive considering that it’s Ford, and the first time a global brand is using a Creative Commons open license on a commercial media project. But not surpising, since the mastermind behind the idea was David Bausola of Zero Influence.

This interview with Baby Cow, the production company behind “Where’s the Joneses?” shows some of the spontaneity and flexibility required to execute this idea. Big brands often lose in their flirtation with authentic media because of the tight corporate controls they impose. But kudos to Ford for letting this concept flourish and develop organically.

Full experience here


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