Have you ever seen a unicorn? How about a dragon or the LochNess Monster? An eBook has, for the longest time, they've been as elusive as the former three, but now, Amazon.com would like to make your dreams come true, almost.

In an evolutionary move from the first-sight of one last year with Sony's Reader (image at right), a $300 gadget with enough memory to hold 80 books, the Kindle enters the market in October of this year.

Amazon.com has created an electronic book reader that has been the subject of industry speculation for a year. The Kindle will be priced at $400 to $500 and will wirelessly connect to an e-book store on Amazon’s site. It will also have a keyboard, so its users can take notes when reading or to navigate the Web and look something up. A scroll wheel and a progress indicator will helps users navigate Web pages and texts on the device. Users can surf the web and read newspapers, magazines, etc. in addition to the full text of books.

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