As social networks angle to become all-in-one web destinations, more are integrating videos into their entertainment offerings. MySpace distributed Michael Eisner’s Prom Queen series earlier this year. Bebo in the UK spun off YouTube’s LonelyGirl15 with the interactive series Kate Modern and Sofia’s Diary this fall. Now the popular teen world Gaia Online has created a web video trilogy, MMVII.

From the release:

“The once-peaceful world of GAIA is on the brink of unavoidable chaos. An age-old prophecy has begun to materialize, filling all who know of it with a sense of impending doom. Louie Von Helson – the heir to GAIA’s most powerful vampire coven – is sent on a murder mission by his father, Vladimir Von Helson. The target … His brother. Louie sets out into the night but the darkness holds unexpected distractions. At war with his birthright and the world – Louie must determine the lives of millions. As the prophecy descends upon GAIA, some take to the shadows, and some to the light.”

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