Sure, the ad industry's failure to connect with the communication channels of today is a big problem but we don't think that fully explains the tumble-weed spilling down Madison Avenue. Maybe. there's no buzz about Advertising Week because there's no buzz about advertising. Quite frankly, bloggers aren't going to write about anything that's not interesting or inspiring.

Many of you might not realize that this week is Advertising Week in NYC. Ok, ok, some of you might seen a headline in a trade mag or newspaper but have you heard about it on the blogs? Have you been invited to an industry party through Facebook? Of course you haven’t. Over on his blog, Joesph Jaffe from Crayon says that the organizers have done a bad job at reaching out to bloggers:

I could be completely wrong about this as I’m using myself as a sample size of 1, but to my knowledge, Advertising Week did a fairly poor job of engaging and reaching out to the blogosphere (which is in of itself quite telling)

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