The creative industries are facing a crisis by using a tool that was supposed to save them. The widespread use of the WGSN trends system by designers in fashion and beyond is being accused as a key factor for the death of creativity especially for designers who with 5 to 10 years experience who have always worked with the system. Recruiters are looking for older generation or recent graduates to avoid designers that have had to use the trends system.

And of the ‘good data’ critics say that often it’s just as easy to find better and free content on the web. WGSN’s city section is a poor man’s version of Super Future and you can get as many photos of the catwalks on as you can on WGSN (granted you can’t get the high quality – but after you’ve seen the idea and stolen it, how high a quality do you need an image to be?).

There’s also a concern for its reach and depth when it comes to research. WGSN stands for Worth Global Style Network but from what we understand their structure seems to be far from global. The power of the brand convinces its clients that it has an international research team but we’re told that the US has only 5 full time staff and there are only 2 staff in Hong Kong.

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