Colin Nagy led a diverse team of content producers and industry commentators on a mission to discuss how business models might change to adapt with emerging media. The panel included Ezra Cooperstein of Current TV, Anil Dewan of KCRW, Rafat Ali of and Kenny Ochoa of Sony BMG Music Entertainment. Here are some excerpts of the superb discussion:

COLIN: What is the most important platform or medium?

RAFAT – The future of content is whatever you want it to be. It will be everything you see comoing along like Twitter. Mobile is the most interesting thing happening today. There’s a confluence in the last 6 months that is trying to bridge the gap between telephone and online. That’s the most interesting thing we’ll see over the next 12 months – especially if Google wins a telecom license.

ANIL – The mobile provides communication plus the internet plus mobility.. We could get our content and put it everywhere, sure – but can we leverage this mobility to create a new type of content or a new type of show… Many people were disappointed with the lack of streaming and podcasting that was put ibn the iPhone.

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