Seems like Piers isn't the only one with exorbitant charges related to international roaming with the iPhone.

The IHT reports:

When Neil Dingman recently went on a vacation to Europe, he took his iPhone with him, with no intention of using it much. In fact, for the 14 days he was there, he used it only a handful of times and expected to see just a small increase in his next bill for roaming charges.

Instead, he was charged $852.31.

As it turned out, the cellphone carried by Dingman, a mortgage consultant in Minneapolis, made calls on a European data network several times each hour to check for e-mail messages. Because he did not deactivate the feature that automatically checks for e-mail, during Dingman's trip through Italy, Croatia and Malta, the phone went to retrieve e-mail more than 500 times.

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