Non-Profit Marketing Love

John Keehler
  • 28 september 2007

Google is showing some love to non-profits. While they’ve always had a great Google Grants program that allowed non-profits to take advantage of unsold inventory in AdSense, Google made two important announcements this week.

First, they announced that Google Checkout will be free for non-profits in the US. This means that non-profits can accept online donations through Google Checkout without being charged transaction fees. It does, however, seem that Google is testing the waters, as they also announced that this is a limited-time offer that will only last through the end of 2008.

In addition, they announced the launch of YouTube non-profit channels, which will allow non-profits to take advantage of the popular video sharing site to spread their message. Some of the first organizations to sign up include the American Cancer Society, The ONE Campaign and The March of Dimes. The program includes the ability to customize their channel page for free, increased limits on the amount of video that can be updated, promotion of the videos throughout YouTube and of course, the ability to accept donations through Google Checkout.

Follow these links to learn more about Google Checkout for non-profits, as well as the YouTube non-profit channels. Thanks to Mashable for the heads up.

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