The Young Invincibles Latest Top

The Young Invincibles Latest Top
Guy Brighton
  • 11 september 2007

Wendy Dembo who spoke at PSFK’s New York Conference has decided to speak up again, this time in the form of a T shirt. The Gap’s Red t-shirt line spurred her to mimick the design and address the rather shocking rate of health insurance in the United States.

As the inside of the shirt states, 46 million US citizens have no health insurance. New York Magazine reports:

It’s a state of mind so common, in fact, that the insurance industry has a name for it: the “young invincibles,” those who, betting they can get through their twenties relatively unscathed, “choose” to go without insurance. They are the fastest-growing segment of America’s uninsured population.

Need something appropriate to wear on a date to see Sicko? You can pick one up at Jeff Staples Reed Space.

New York Magazine, The Young Invincibles

– Contributed by Amy Daroukakis

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