And with all this connectivity, it's not so much whether the format will change to meet our viewer sizes and journey times - it's whether shows will change to react real time with our interaction and even our location?

One of the inspiring remarks from the PSFK Conference Los Angeles was by Anil Dewan of KCRW where he wondered how emerging technology would affect even the types of shows they create on the LA based radio station. We were thinking of his comment on the plane back to New York when we realized that we now consume TV like we consume magazines – only on planes and trains. Sure, we're a bit odd and we don't mind the screen size of the iPhone but consider this: what if a large chunk of TV viewing moved from the lounge to ‘public' transport? Alaska Air is about to launch a WiFi service on their planes and the MTA, the NYC transport authority, is going to introduce mobile phone reception on the subways.

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