It was Friday night and there were about 30 of us crowded into a mid terrace house in north London. The band had already set up in the upstairs living room and our host called us away from our conversations to enter the most intimate of concert experiences.

A living room gig gives a whole new meaning to the words ‘My-Space gig’. Ben Parker the Artist was contacted through his MySpace site and asked to do a private gig and its gone on from there. He’s now done a whole load of Living Room Gigs over the past couple of months and in the process is perhaps starting somthing new. Ben says “Doing an online gig is sterile and the only way to really interact with your audience is to do it live.” That night Ben took us to his world. No one talked while he played, he held us captive and touched us in an intimate and moving way. (Especially the performance of ‘Survive the Rain’)

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