Diana Verde Nieto Talks to PSFK

Diana Verde Nieto Talks to PSFK
Jeff Squires
  • 18 october 2007

Diana is founder and CEO of Clownfish Marketing and friend of PSFK. Her company helps brands take eco-consciousness to heart and then helps them manifest their new ideals in brand experience projects. Smart. We thought we’d ask her what was going on.

There’s been a big shift in attitude in terms of eco-consciousness. What’s important now to people and how do you see eco concerns shifting in the short term?

Eco-consciousness is a two dimensional issue in which both consumers and brands play an important role. However, it is brands that must take a lead on this and give the consumer the chance to make a difference. In the domain of consumerism and corporation, products can act as the bridge between consumers’ good intentions (which is in essence a thought process) and meaningful action (the small step that makes a difference). Without an eco or ethical purchase choice available, the customer is left unable to exercise or action their good will and consumer power. In a world of consumerism that is constantly changing, evolving and expanding, it is crucial that companies look to the long-term goals of sustainability and ethical consumerism rather than the latest trends, immediate profitability and short term economic gain.

What are a few of the green companies that you think are especially noteworthy in terms of innovation and creativity?

InterfaceFlor has shown a commitment to both ethical and environmental product design and manufacture. Industrial companies that are material and process intensive are being increasingly called upon to design products consume fewer resources, produce less waste, use less toxic components and contain more recycled components. InterfaceFlor in on track to achieve this. Their Vision is a Zero Emission statement by the year 2020.

Other great examples are Unilever, and within their portfolio, Dove, Ben and Jerry’s, Lipton and Comfort to name a few, also Timberland, who have just launched a nutritional label on all their boxes, stating where sourced, and what their products are made from.

Finally, the recent winner of the Electrolux Design Lab ‘Airwash’ that uses negative ions and compressed air to clean clothes is exciting idea, an innovative design and a bold business venture.

What is Clownfish up to at the moment? What’s new?

Clownfish is opening an office in the US. After consecutive successes in the UK with clients including Unilever, Interface, Tesco and Timberland, this exciting and challenging venture will enable Clownfish to continue their successful branding, consultancy and strategy implementation stateside, pushing the sustainability cause up the agenda of brands and CSR departments stateside.

Thanks, Diana!

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