Diana is founder and CEO of Clownfish Marketing and friend of PSFK. Her company helps brands take eco-consciousness to heart and then helps them manifest their new ideals in brand experience projects. Smart. We thought we'd ask her what was going on.

There's been a big shift in attitude in terms of eco-consciousness. What's important now to people and how do you see eco concerns shifting in the short term?

Eco-consciousness is a two dimensional issue in which both consumers and brands play an important role. However, it is brands that must take a lead on this and give the consumer the chance to make a difference. In the domain of consumerism and corporation, products can act as the bridge between consumers’ good intentions (which is in essence a thought process) and meaningful action (the small step that makes a difference). Without an eco or ethical purchase choice available, the customer is left unable to exercise or action their good will and consumer power. In a world of consumerism that is constantly changing, evolving and expanding, it is crucial that companies look to the long-term goals of sustainability and ethical consumerism rather than the latest trends, immediate profitability and short term economic gain.

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