The 19th annual Ecofest was held yesterday at Lincoln Center making it the largest environmental event on the East Coast. A major feature of the event is the collection of new alternative fuel vehicles. There aren’t any far out concept cars shown but the festival presents more real world solutions. Electric, Diesel, and Hydrogen were all represented. The festival highlighted that there are a lot of options and combinations being developed using alternative fuels. One standard doesn’t yet seem to be emerging. Volkswagen and GM presented more cohesive displays. Volkswagen brought it’s Dieselution Tour to NYC. VW initiated the tour to promote it’s clean diesel technology debuting next spring on the Jetta sedan and SportWagen. On hand was a 53 foot trailer filled with interactive displays about diesel and alternative fuels. There were also programs that quizzed visitors on their carbon footprint. Along with the trailer VW brought a selection of cars including the oldest Rabbit diesel that was recently found, a Polo Bluemotion, Touareg and the new Jetta.

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