James F!@#$%^ Friedman is a New York City-based DJ who also co-owns and runs the independent record label Throne of Blood with members of The Rapture. Friedman talked to PSFK about the changes he's seeing in his industry and what's turning him on now.

What are you doing right now? What's new and how are you reacting to the changes happening in the music industry?

Well, for our small, niche-oriented label, the business hasn't transformed to the degree that it has for traditional labels. We specialize in vinyl records for DJs and there is some evidence to suggest that while CD sales continue to slump, vinyl sales are actually picking up a bit. However, in the dance music world, digital technologies such as Rane's Serato Scratch Live are becoming hugely popular, so one new thing we're rolling out in the coming months is a digital distribution strategy which will see our releases come out simultaneously on vinyl and in digital download shops ranging from iTunes down to much smaller, specialist shops such as the one run by Turntable Lab.

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