Self proclaimed greenie and innovation strategist, Jennifer van der Meer focuses her work on the burgeoning green economy. In addition to contributing to the inhabitat blog, she also serves as chapter chair of O2NYC, a non-profit that organizes educational and networking events for green designers, who have tremendous untapped power to change the way things are made.

PSFK: What are you up to at the moment? What’s new?

Collaboration. I’ve spent the past 3 years focused on green as a growth sector for new product development – from food to housewares to financial services. What became apparent to me is that we’re all interested in thinking about the future, and we want to participate in what it means to become green. Now I’m fascinated with the relationship between consumers and the brands they love (or don’t love) – and how that leads to co-creating the future. I’m working on a cool project with Drillteam Media called Heya for Toyota that is designed to do exactly that-creatively collaborate with young people, online, and in offline events.

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