Have you entertained the idea of building a location-based mobile application?

Outside.in really has the potential to offer up the killer mobile app. It organizes info on the web by location, down to very granular levels, so it's a natural fit for mobile devices. If you're out on the town and want to know what's new and interesting around you, outside.in is in a pretty unique position to answer that question, seeing as we're tracking everything people are saying online about the things around you, organized by neighborhood name, venue, etc. That could be really powerful on your mobile device. The only problem at the moment is the actual interaction between the site and the phone, knowing where you are and so forth. That's something that has always held mobile apps back because it's rough and there's no common way to go about it. We think that problem will be solved soon, so expect to see an outside.in mobile application in the near future.

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