Karl Lagerfeld is one of the most mysterious and elusive designers in the world. He has revived the house of Chanel and produced year after year of hit collections, but of his private life little is known. His snow-white hair, frail stature, and German stoicism – not to mention the jet-black sunglasses he is never seen without – only serve to reinforce his supernatural image.

Now, celebrated filmmaker Rodolphe Marconi brings us through the looking glass and into the designer's world with the documentary film “Lagerfeld Confidential.” Although according to press documents (PDF) Marconi has been fascinated by Lagerfeld for more than a decade, this film is likely part of a broader, more integrated marketing strategy on the part of Chanel – several weeks ago PSFK posted about the label's new interactive microsite for Coco Mademoiselle. In any case, judging by the trailer, the film looks like an absolute treat.

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