We have to admit, the first time we heard about the collaboration between celebrated cult designer Issey Miyake (of his eponymous label as well as indie favorite A-POC) and vacuum king Dyson (of bright yellow home appliance fame), we were a little skeptical. But as Miyake’s Paris runway show last week proved, this particular collaboration was about much more than profit margins and marketing tactics.

Issey Miyake creative director Dai Fujiwara, who had wanted to compose an entire collection and runway show around the theme of Wind, approached James Dyson for his expertise in the subject. The two then spent months working on designing and engineering a spectacular, complex catwalk structure that involved many series of giant vacuum cleaner-like tubes generating gusts of wind that sent the clothes into flight. As for the clothing itself, Fujiwara used individual parts of deconstructed Dyson vacuum cleaners as inspiration for his designs. The result was a fanciful, if a bit heady, display.

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