What do Minis have to do with Bruce Lee? Not a whole lot, until now. The car brand’s new promotional site and London-based instructional series, The Other Lunch Break, offers a handful of random, fun lessons to help keep your workday interesting – like learning how to fight like the martial arts legend. Site visitors can participate in Mini’s real-life classes held at various locales around London, or watch a mini-movie offering a recap of the lunchtime diversion.  Some how-tos Mini has already offered: Bruce Lee for Beginners, How to Beat a Lie Detector, Man/Woman School – The Things Your Parents Should Have Taught You, and Talking Your Way Into a Will. Upcoming: Moonwalking for Beginners – the lesson will take place tomorrow, Oct 26, between 12 – 1pm at the Open Car Park by Truman Brewery located at 15 Hanbury Street in London. Stop by if you’re in the area – or check the site for what you missed.

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